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June 2016

Fashion: Blindness

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876-6, Dogok 1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-135
135-135 서울특별시 강남구 도곡동 876-6 성암빌딩 B1
Tel +82 2.529.0154
Fax +82 2.529.0145

Blindness was founded in 2012 by Kyu Yong Shin and Jong Taek Lee. Their goal is to represent the dynamic marriage between contemporary art and youth culture. The collections show a timeless design and a signature minimalism as well as an attention to detail with a touch of contemporary mood.

photo courtesty of BlindnessStudio

KCON: Survival Guide

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With the midst of summer fastly approaching, k-pop fans are more than anxious for all of the shows and endless comebacks popping up week after week. Perhaps one of the biggest k-pop concerts to hit the U.S. is none other than KCON! You can catch the concert/convention in both L.A. (July 29-31) and N.Y. (June 24-25). KCON is an experience unlike any other where k-pop fans get to meet and greet their favorite idols, see them perform in concert, and enjoy a convention dedicated to all things that make Korean culture wonderful. From beauty products to food, the convention brings a piece of Korea to America! Down below are some helpful tips from a veteran KCON attendee (yours truly) to ensure your time at KCON is nothing short of amazing~!



1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes- You will, I repeat, you WILL be walking or running EVERYWHERE. Your feet will have a lot of ground to cover.

2. Drink water! No matter if you are indoors or outdoors, it is important to stay hydrated, even if you do not think you are thirsty, DRINK WATER!

3. EAT! It is easy to forget to eat while you are at the KCON, but remember to keep your body nourished while
you run around and have a great time!

4. Drink orange juice, Emergen-C, or eat anything with vitamin C to boost your immune system- You will be surrounded by A LOT of people. I ended up getting really sick after KCON, so make sure to keep your body healthy and your immune system up!

5. Bring hand sanitizer! As I have said above, you will be around a lot of people- CLEAN HANDS ARE HAPPY HANDS.

6. Bring cough drops- If you are a screamer or talker like I am, these will be very helpful to keep your throat from being scratchy and sore!

7. Bring a portable charger! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Your phone WILL DIE and there might not be a wall plug available to charge your phone. I suggest getting a phone case that also charges your phone! It is very convenient and not bulky! You can purchase them on amazon for a reasonable price!

8. Bring cash!!! This is another point I want to stress! Some booths will take cards, but not all of them, so make sure you have cash on you!

9. Bring a small backpack to put all of your necessities in! It is easy and convenient to carry around!

10. Use COLORFUL ribbon to tie on your backpack- This worked out nicely last year with my friends and I when we lost each other.

11. Bring sunscreen! For both N.Y. and L.A. you will be in the sun! If you plan on doing meet and greets (for L.A. goers) you will be lined up OUTSIDE to go into the meet and greet and there is LIMITED SHADE!

12. Keep updated on KCONUSAs twitter and check with staff about meet and greet times! Last year I missed the opportunity to meet Zion T. & Crush because the meeting changed times the day of and I did not know about it- so make sure you know all of the times the day of!

13. If you do not like the meet and greet you get, you can usually find someone to trade with! Usually people will meet right outside of the pickup spot for your tickets! I was able to trade my meet and greet last year for a group I really wanted to see and it worked out very nicely!

14. Bring deodorant and perfume (a small plastic bottle is perfect)- You will sweat from running around and being outside, and it doesn’t hurt to smell extra nice when you meet your favorite idols!

15. Bring gum! If you like to chew gum, I suggest bringing some especially if you get nervous meeting idols! It will calm your nerves and freshen your breath all at the same time!

16. Wait to get all of your merch towards the end of the day or on the first day of KCON! It is a huge hassle to carry everything around. Your arms will thank you!

17. DO NOT buy posters the day of the concerts- It is easy to forget that you have them and they will get crinkled! Try getting all easily damaged merch the first day of KCON (the day the convention opens but not the concerts).

18. Make sure to check all of the booths out! They give a lot of free stuff and have raffles!

19. Keep your eyes PEELED for activities in the convention! (Idols will make appearances in the convention for various events or even just to talk around!)

20. Last but not least, BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS. 9 times out of 10, if you are nice to someone they will
be nice right back. Let’s all have a happy and safe time at KCON!

Once Upon a Drama with Thumbalynda: June Edition

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Annyeong, everyone! I was invited back to DKI and of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, so here I am! To celebrate Father’s Day this month, I’m highlighting a couple of dramas where fathers play a pivotal role in the overall storyline of the dramas.



Warning: Many spoilers ahead!



Remember Poster


Remember – War of the Son

Total number of episodes: 20

Where to watch: Viki, Dramafever

Main Cast: Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, Park Sung Woong, Namgoong Min, Jung Hye Sung


Brief synopsis: Yoo Seung Ho plays Seo Jin Woo, a kid with a condition, called hyperthymesia, that allows him to remember every day in near perfect detail. When Jin Woo’s father is falsely accused of murder, and then is betrayed by his lawyer, Jin Woo decides to use his condition to his advantage and becomes a lawyer to prove his father’s innocence himself.


Comments: So, the story of Jin Woo and his father is pretty tragic. While Jin Woo has this amazing memory, his father ironically is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I think I cried the most while watching Jin Woo’s interactions with his father. The fact that Jin Woo had this unwavering belief in his father and his father’s innocence made me root for their victory even more. Even when his father could no longer remember him, Jin Woo remained devote to the end. His unconditional love for his father drove his ambition to clear his father’s name. Although Jin Woo’s father didn’t get a lot of screen time and ultimately died well before the final episode, there would have been no story to tell without him.

Side Note: I can’t talk about Remember and not give an honorable mention to Namgoong Min. I thought he was pretty creepy in The Girl Who Sees Smells, but I felt like he took this villainous role to another level. I seriously felt scared for everyone who encountered him (especially his poor secretary), and even towards the end of the show, I felt like there was a real possibility that he couldn’t be defeated. Now I’m not saying I like villains, but I definitely loved Namgoong Min’s portrayal of Nam Gyu Man.



reply 1988 poster


Reply 1988

Total number of episodes: 20

Where to watch: Viki, Dramafever

Main Cast: Lee Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi, Park Bo Gum (this is a pretty large cast so I’ve only listed the “kids”)


Brief synopsis: This drama follows five neighborhood friends and their families during the late 1980s. (Once you watch this drama you’ll understand why it’s basically impossible to write a brief synopsis…lol)


Comments: Each of the “kids” had a unique relationship with his/her father, but the father-child relationship that stood out to me the most wasn’t even that of one of the kids; it was the relationship between Bora (Duk Sun’s sister) and her father. I think I gravitated toward this relationship because it reminded me how my relationship with my dad has progressed over the years. Bora didn’t communicate with her father well and vice versa, but there was a mutual love that was expressed in their actions. One of the most heartfelt moments in the drama was in the final episode when Bora had gifted her dad with a new pair of shoes to wear to her wedding. Dad insists that the shoes fit perfectly, and buffs and shines them with pride. Even when Bora repeatedly asks him if his new shoes really fit, he still insists that they are perfect. However, on the day of the wedding, Duk Sun notices the shoes are way too big and gives dad some tissue to stuff in the shoe so he doesn’t trip over himself. It is only when Bora is doing the obligatory bow to her dad that she realizes the shoes were too big for him. She starts balling her eyes out and of course I do the same. Dad’s willingness to wear the shoes, even though they were too big, speaks to how valuable the shoes (and Bora) are to him.

Conclusion: I loved Reply 1988 so much because of the refreshing realness that it brought. Kdramas can be very cliché and even predictable, but finding a drama that you can relate to personally; you don’t come across that too often. On the other hand, Remember wasn’t exactly relatable, but I still found myself invested in Jin Woo’s journey to clearing his dad’s name and bringing about peace to his life. I really hope you enjoy both dramas as much as I did! Happy Father’s Day!