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August 2016

Dear Unnie | August 2016

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Dear Unnie,

I’m new to kpop. Can you recommend some kpop songs to help me get past a bad day at work?


On long, hard days it is always nice to kick back and listen to some good music. Unnie knows what you need are some upbeat songs to turn your mood around. There are many, many songs Unnie could recommend. Here are just a few:

Suga (BTS)- Agust D

Jay Park ft. Ugly Duck- Mommae *contains mature content*

Jay Park ft. Crush, Simon D, and Honey Cocoaine- Mommae (remix)

BTS- Dope

Got7- Magnetic

BAP- That’s My Jam

2ne1- I Am The Best

BigBang- Bang Bang Bang

BAP- Feel So Good

KolaJ and Eric Nam- Into You

There are too many amazing songs to list them all. If you would like to see more fun kpop songs you can check out our playlists on Soundcloud!



K-Releases of July 2016

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Are you guys still alive after July’s Kpop releases?


While July didn’t slay as much as June did, it still did some damage (‘cause I mean, Fei’s MV was HOT, HOT, HOT!). Plus, Se7en had released a new single and it’s been years since his last album. I was hoping for more of a dance track but regardless, it was still so good.


Also, Eric Nam’s Can’t Help Myself. Such a cute song and he was just so adorable in his music video. Can’t help but to love him to bits! What did you guys think?


Here are some artists that have made their debuts:

  • C.I.V.A. (LTE (Lee&Tak Entertainment))
  • NCT 127 (SM Entertainment)
  • VROMANCE (Rainbow Bridge World)
  • Fei of Miss A (JYP Entertainment)
  • #GUN (Starship Entertainment)


Check out our playlist with most of the songs that have been released for the month of July:



Which song(s) caught your attention? Did your favorite artist(s) make their comeback?