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Snack Sunday: Chew and Real

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Snack Sunday: Chew and Real

Written by Ji | 27 November 2016



Gluttony.  Out of the seven deadly sins, that’s the one I am most guilty of.  After the watching the RM Bros in Vegas concert, I refused to go back on my semi diet because Thanksgiving was around the corner.  Why bother going back when I’m just going to stuff myself anyway?  It’s a poor excuse, but one I fully believe.  I’m fully aware that the holiday season is not over yet, so instead of going back on my diet, I am willing to choose “better” choices until the holidays are over.  After all, this time of year only comes once and there are so many seasonal products to try before they all go away.


On today’s healthier choice adventure, I decided to try the Chew & Real sweet potato.  While eating fresh fruits and veggies are always a better choice, I don’t always have time to chop and prepare those, especially on Black Friday.  So for me, having an easy snacks that I can take from my cupboard and throw in my purse is a big bonus for me.


The Chew & Real sweet potato snack is supposed to be a healthy, all natural snack, that can be used as a meal replacement or a better alternative for a diet snack.  Normally when I hear or read those words, I get a little apprehensive.  But since the item was on sale, I decided to give it a go and I was not disappointed.  The sweet potatoes have been steamed and dried for 10 hours, leaving the consistency to be chewy, like most dried fruit.  It seriously tasted like I was eating sweet potato candy!  I could not believe that this would be considered a healthy snack.  I could eat this delicious gummy like snack all day, and never get tired of it.


Would I buy this again?

Yes!  I was surprised at how full I got from eating this tasty snack.  Not only is it convenient to bring around but the texture and taste of the yummy snack kept me happy and satisfied till my next meal.  If you are looking for a diet appropriate snack or just a healthy alternative, this snack has my vote.


Snack Sunday: Let’s Drink (Drinking Solo)

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Snack Sunday: Let’s Drink (Drinking Solo)

Written by Ji | 20 November 2016




Who doesn’t love a good road trip?  A nice drive, fresh air, and an excuse to eat snacks until you reach your destination.  Sounds like a good plan to me.  Even though today is technically not a Sunday, I am writing this article early because I was very fortunate to obtain tickets to see RM Bros in Vegas with Turbo & Skull.  Which means it would be the best time to try some new snacks!  Today’s snack is brought to you buy the drama Let’s drink (Drinking Solo).  That drama was possibly one of the worse dramas to watch when you are hungry.  The show normally starts and ends with a delicious, mouthwatering entree that would make anyone feel hunger pains.  I binged watched this show to distract me from counting down the minutes to the concert.  That was not one of my smartest decisions.  While watching the show, I had to order take out more times than I can count because I had to have what they were eating.  I also took note of a few snacks I saw Park Ha Na played by Park Ha Sun was eating.  While the PD’s did a great job at hiding the brand, I was able to figure out a few of the snacks based on packaging and snack shape.  So I decided to try three of the snacks on the show that Park Ha Na was settling for versus eating the real thing.  After all, when you are on a budget or have no time to get the real thing, maybe a substitute would work.



My first snack on this road trip is the Crab Chips Original (빙그레 꽃게랑 오리지널).  On episode 2, Jin Jung Suk (Jin Sang) played by Ha Seok Jin was having a luxurious crab meal.  When he posted a picture of his meal on one of his social medias, Park Ha Na decided that she too deserved a luxurious meal.  She opened a bag of crab chips, she started off eating one by one and then proceed to grab a handful and stuff her mouth with the snack.  These little crab shaped chips are very similar to the shrimp flavored snack down the seasoning taste and light and airy texture.  Oddly enough, I do find it more fun to pop these little guys into my mouth.  While this is a far cry from tasting like crabs, it certainly had a nice crunch to it.



My next snack is Samyang Honey Dipped Snack Wang Chang Gu (왕짱구) from episode 4.  Here we see Jin Jung Suk eating from a sizzling platter of delicacies including beef tripe.  After viewing another high-quality food picture from his social media, Park Ha Na wanted to join her colleague and eat a delicious snack.  She chooses a snack that looked similar to tripe.  How she could pretend that these sweet and crunchy dessert tasting snack was anything like tripe is beyond me.  This product tasted like a crunchy cinnamon churro.   If tripe tasted anything like this tasty snack, I would gladly eat tripe every day.




My last snack is Berjib Pizza (벌집핏자) from episode 16.  This was the last episode of the series and it does not disappoint story or food wise.  Our handsome lead character, Jin Jung Suk eats a beautifully made pizza alone.  Without spoiling the ending, Park Ha Na checks his social media to see what his “high quality” meal is for today.  Upon seeing his enticing meal, she decides that pizza also sounds good to her. This product does not fail to deliver on taste!  Out of the three that I tried, this one actually tasted like what it was intended to be.  If I close my eyes, I honestly feel like I am eating a bite size crunchy pizza.



Would I buy these again?

Surprisingly yes.  I grew up eating shrimp chips and honestly the crab ones were very similar to them.  The only reason why I would choose the crab flavored chips over the shrimp ones would be because I honestly loved the shape.  The “tripe” tasting churro was amazing!  I could eat this every day and never get sick of it.  And lastly the delicious pizza chip.  I am still in shock on how close this actually taste like a yummy pizza.   I feel like I need to buy these snacks and give them out to random strangers, so they too may know the deliciousness of these crunchy snacks.

beautiFRIDAY: MISSHA Time Revolution – The First Treatment Essence Mist

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BeautiFriday: MISSHA Time Revolution – The First Treatment Essence Mist

Written by Ji | 18 November 2016



Winter is coming.  We all know what that means… dry skin!  The best way to combat dry skin during the harsh weather season is to continuously moisturize your skin.   Having a daily skincare regime is an important part of preventative care.  With MISSHA Time Revolution: The First Treatment Essence Mist, your skin will have a fighting chance during the winter.  Not only to combat dry skin but also wrinkles.


There are two ways to use this product: after you cleanse and tone, you apply and pat down the essence on to your face and the second way would be as a setting spray after applying your make up.  For me, I use it after the toner.  Even though my skincare regime is quite intensive, I must be careful not to use too much product otherwise I will break out.  After lightly spraying the essence on your face, pat your skin so that the essence will be absorb into your face.  Before proceeding to the next step of your regime, wait until your face has dried.


The essence moisturizes your skin instantly upon spraying.  Almost immediately you will achieve a dewy look.  Which is why users of this product will use this as a setting spray.  Since my skin is oily, I don’t set my make up with a dewy effect, as in a few hours, I will achieve that look without any help from any product.


After two weeks, I have benefited from this product immensely.  My skin tone has become brighter, felt more nourished and even the redness of my cheeks disappeared.


Would I buy this product again?

Yes!  I would recommend this product to any skincare fanatic.  This essence has exceeded my expectations.  The refreshing light mist, leaves your face hydrating and soft.  With my oily and sensitive skin, I did not experience any break out.  And most importantly, while this product cannot get rid of wrinkles, I did notice my skin brighten which made the wrinkles look reduced.  With this product, I will happily welcome winter.


Snack Sunday: Poca Chips (포카칩)

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Snack Sunday: Poca Chips (포카칩)

Written by Ji | 13 November 2016



A big congratulation to the handsome and goofy guys of Got7, for being voted one of the winners for Best Worldwide Act award on MTV EMAs.  In honor of their victory, I have decided to dedicate today’s Snack Sunday to GOT7.   I would say a fair amount of IGOT7s know about GOT2DAY series on V LIVE.  It’s a series where GOT7 pretty much talks randomly about their day, events, pranks…basically whatever they feel like.


On episode 16, Mark and BamBam are hosting the almost 9-minute broadcast while eating a very popular snack.  I have seen a few idols including Eunji from APink and Kihyun from MONSTA X eating Poca Chips during their fan meets.  But it was their playful banter and their cute antics that made BamBam and Mark convince me to finally try this snack.


Upon opening the bag, I was hit with a heavenly aroma.  The scent was sweet and familiar.  As I popped one of the chips into my mouth, I could see why idols are always snacking on this delightful snack. The chip was crisp, light and airy.  Taste wise it is comparable to Lays baked chips but has the texture of Lays original chips without all the saltiness or grease.


Would I buy this product again?

Yes, I would.  For one bag, it has 170 calories. Eating a 1 ounce bag of Lays chips is about 160 calories.  This bag is more than double the size of a Lays snack bag, and only 10 calories more.  If you are looking for a less salty potato chip with a high impact on taste and quantity, this snack is for you.


Sindarei777 Got7 3rd Anniversary Giveaway

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I am doing my first ever giveaway in time for Got7’s 3rd Anniversary!

1. QT this post with the hashtag #Sindarei777Got7GA and in it write a greeting for Got7’s 3rd Anniversary.
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3. Must follow @Sindarei777
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5. Must be mainly an AhGaSe (IGot7). We will check.
6. No new account, no read bio or free follow account, no giveaway account, no spam account, no bot account. Account should be public, no private accounts.
7. Start 12noon PST on Jan 14, 2017.
8. Ends 12noon PST on Feb 16, 2017.
9. Winner will be picked using random generator on Feb 24, 2017.
10. Upon receipt of the prize bundle, I would appreciate it if winner posts a picture of the prize received and use #Sindarei777Got7GA, tag me @Sindarei777 & @dkInitiative.


Winner will have 24 hours to DM me their full name, complete address plus zip code & phone number. I will not be responsible if do you not receive the prize bundle won, if the wrong contact information was provided by the winner. Only enter if you are comfortable providing your personal contact information. Prizes are non-transferable.

Good luck to all entrants!

*I will be coming home to Texas from my China, South Korea and Indonesia vacation on Feb 21st so I will be picking the winner Feb 24th, it will give me time to settle back to routine.*Jackson Turbulence album doesn’t come with a pc I was missing one when I got it.

*For questions please dm me @Sindarei777

Sindarei777 Got7 3rd Anniversary Giveaway – OFFICIAL RULES




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Dreamkatchers Initiative
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Snack Sunday: Pepero

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Snack Sunday: Pepero

Written by Ji | 6 November 2016



peperoWith Pepero Day around the corner (November 11), I find myself doing two things: picking up ingredients to make my own specially made chocolate sticks and finding the coveted EXO Pepero boxes.  Three of my local Forever 21 stores did not have them.  One store looked at me like I was a crazy person when I asked for the location of the product.  Which completely threw me off guard.  Did she really not know about Pepero?  Or even worse and absolutely unthinkable, did she really not know about EXO?  I left the mall confused and overwhelmed.  Luckily, at my last stop, I was able to get some.  I was overly excited over my find, and bought a few boxes.  Unfortunately, my set isn’t complete.  I wasn’t able to get one of every color, but I’ll save that adventure for another day.


For those who don’t know, like the lady at the store, Pepero is a cookie stick covered in chocolate.  They have different flavors that would suit the palette of most people.  Personally, my favorite is the nude flavor.  Which is basically the inverted version of the original chocolate stick.  For some reason, I like the chocolate in the inside of the cookie stick better than on the outside.  It’s not as crunchy this way, but it has a smoother feel to it.  Also, I find it easier and less messy to eat.  I don’t know about you, but for some reason I always get a few sticks that are broken, so I always get a bit messy.


The packaging makes it easy to carry around and in my book, that’s an A right there.  You can virtually buy this product at many locations.  It’s a low-calorie snack (when you choose to eat just a few sticks at time), with no nutritional value but it’s convenience easily makes this one of my go to items for a quick snack.


Would I buy this product again?

Yes, and not just because I want to complete my set but because I enjoy this delightful snack.  When I’m having a rough day, a good day or whatever type of day, Pepero always puts a smile on my face.



To win your own boxes of Peperos to share with your loved-ones enter our TOP & Pepero themed November Lucky Feather Giveaway!

Giveaway ends on November 11, 2016 at 11:59PM EST!


beautiFRIDAY: MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule

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beautiFRIDAY: MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule

Written by Ji | 4 November 2016




MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule is a popular ampoule used and reviewed by an army of beauty bloggers.  So why in the world would I choose this product to review, when it has been reviewed so many times?  Easy, because skin is sensitive, no matter what product you use, there is no easy answer for skincare.  What works for one person, may not work for another but for someone with my type of skin (oily and sensitive) might learn a trick or two. What can I say about MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule that hasn’t been said before?  I love the way it hydrates, brightens and repairs my skin but when I used the product too much, my skin breaks out.  But I wasn’t about to give up, there had to be a way.


The packaging was nicely designed. The esthetically pleasing glass container came with a convenient dropper.  Honestly, if all liquid products came with a dropper, it would be easier to use the proper amount instead of wasting product.  But that could just be my personal problem of clumsiness.  The product has a very light scent.  The scent is familiar but I could not, for the life of me, figure it out.  But it wasn’t strong or unpleasant.  The ampoule is thicker than most serums and if you don’t use too much, it not as sticky.


When using this product, I follow the saying, “Less is more”.  A few drops of the product are more than enough to cover your whole face.  The more you use, the heavier and stickier the product will be.  Your goal is to have the ampoule absorbs right into your skin not clog your pores.  When I first started using this product, I did have some complications.  I used a whole dropper full of ampoule, it was enough to cover my face, neck, arms and hands.  I don’t like wasting product, so if there are any leftover product, I use it everywhere.   Because of my unorthodox method, I was punished.  My face broke out after a few days.  After a month of trial and error, I figured out what works for me.  By using this product at night, every other day or sometimes every two days, I still noticed a difference.  My skin elasticity and texture improved.  I was getting compliments from strangers about my “natural glow”.  Stubbornness is my downfall, but thankfully in the end, it worked out in my favor.



Would I buy this product again?

For me, this product was like liquid gold, which had a curse placed upon it by the Gods.  A product too good to be used every day because of the benefits it contains.  I would buy this product again, but I will use it with caution.  Only at night and every other day.