Dear Noona

Dear Noona | June 2017

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Dear Noona

I’m a new male kpop fan, what songs would you recommend?


Well, that really depends on what genre you like. Noona is currently on a hiphop phase. But I’ll give you a wide range of songs to try out.

Happy listening!


BigBang’s Bang Bang Bang & FANTASTIC BABY

Super Junior’s SORRY, SORRY


Jay Park’s ‘ You Know (feat. Okasian)’

Spica’s I did it

After School’s First Love & Flashback

AOA’s Heart attack


TWICE’s Cheer up

4MINUTE’s Hate

SHINHWA’s Sniper

Crush’s Hug Me

Niihwa’s Gravity

Roydo’s Feel

Code Kunst’s Parachute and Beside Me

DPR LIVE – Laputa

Loco’s Thinking about you

Crucial Star – Paris

Dok2’s StIll On My Way

Simon Dominic’s WON(₩) & ONLY

Royal Pirates – Run Away

FTISLAND’s Take Me Now & Madly

CNBlue’s I’m Sorry

Dynamic Duo’s BAAAM


Crush and Zion.t – Just


Block B’s Very Good

BTOB’s Beep Beep

B.A.P’s Badman

INFINITE’s The Eye and The Chaser

Minzy’s Flashlight

Keith Ape’s It G Ma

Cjamm’s Illusion


And some throwbacks…
YG Family – Famillienium


Drunken Tiger – Isolated Ones, Left Foot Forward! (feat. Dynamic Duo & 윤미래 Yoonmirae)

Dear Noona

Dear Noona

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Dear Noona,

What are good qualities to have in a relationship?

In any good relationship, commitment is important. Love is so much more than a feeling, it is a commitment. Love is what causes us to treat the other person honorably especially during moments when we don’t necessarily like them. The second part of commitment is loyalty. Loyalty is what lets the relationship move on to a deeper level. It is awesome knowing that someone has your back no matter what happens.

Patience and empathy are the next things that need to be cultivated. People aren’t perfect and they will disappoint you and vice versa. Don’t give up on your relationship because it takes effort. The best things in life are worth the effort and patience. Kindness and empathy helps smooth over the bumps in our relationships. Its a subtle thing that most of the time we look for in others but forget that they’re looking for in us, as well. Give generously.

Open and honest communication builds trust. Show your edges and your vulnerabilities. Be yourself. Be legendary you.

Lastly, have fun. Make jokes, laugh, and enjoy your relationship.

Dear Noona

Dear Noona

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Dear Noona,

How much do you usually spend on kpop stuff? What’s a good limit?


Noona likes to budget. So, I like to set aside 1-5% of my monthly income for kpop related stuff including concerts. I do not generally spend that amount monthly though. Its more like a kpop savings account so I put into it but only use it to buy something I really want.
A good limit depends on you. A good limit still allows you to pay your bills and eat. If you prefer to buy more kpop stuff more often I would still suggest setting aside money each month but base the amount you set aside on what you like to buy the most. Do you prefer to buy iTunes albums? Physical albums? Official merchandise? K-beauty items? Clothes? What’s the average price of what you like to buy? Divide that average by four and that’s how much you try and set aside each week. Make a wishlist of what you want to buy and when you saved enough, buy it.