Dear Unnie | May 2017

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Dear Unnie,

I’m 30 years old and my friends make me feel embarrassed at the fact that I’m into kpop. How do I get them to understand that kpop is life?


I’m a grown woman and have earned the right to invest my free time and disposable income however I choose. If that happens to be in support of talented young men from Korea, who sing, dance and act; that’s my prerogative.

By the time any of us hit our 30’s and up we have enough on our plates with jobs, significant others, families, bills, etc that finding something that makes you happy is excuse enough for your friends to leave you be. If they don’t understand then politely point out their happy places and explain that this is yours. Worse comes to worse, flash some fan service photos at them… they might end up joining the fandom.

Dear Unnie | August 2016

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Dear Unnie,

I’m new to kpop. Can you recommend some kpop songs to help me get past a bad day at work?


On long, hard days it is always nice to kick back and listen to some good music. Unnie knows what you need are some upbeat songs to turn your mood around. There are many, many songs Unnie could recommend. Here are just a few:

Suga (BTS)- Agust D

Jay Park ft. Ugly Duck- Mommae *contains mature content*

Jay Park ft. Crush, Simon D, and Honey Cocoaine- Mommae (remix)

BTS- Dope

Got7- Magnetic

BAP- That’s My Jam

2ne1- I Am The Best

BigBang- Bang Bang Bang

BAP- Feel So Good

KolaJ and Eric Nam- Into You

There are too many amazing songs to list them all. If you would like to see more fun kpop songs you can check out our playlists on Soundcloud!



Dear Unnie | April 2016

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Dear Unnie,
I just recently got into Kpop again and wanted to start buying merch to support the idols that I like, but I don’t know where to begin… Are there any websites you recommend for legit products that won’t hurt my wallet too much?

Unnie knows many websites that offer a variety of kpop merchandise at an affordable cost. Shopping is one of Unnie’s favorite hobbies! Unnie also understands the need to find affordable merchandise. Unnie has always used sites such as Kpoptown and Kpopmart (both are well known and widely used). These two websites both have a wide variety of merchandise from almost every group you can imagine; however, the shipping is usually pretty pricey. If you are looking for something with more affordable shipping Unnie reccommends,, and Unnie does not know where Yesasia is based out of, but Choice Music and Music Plaza are both in Los Angeles. If you live in the United States these would be much better options if you are looking to save some money. Ordering from websites that are based in the United States should ensure faster delivery as well (if you are a fan living in the United States). Unnie took it upon herself to provide a comparison of the websites mentioned.

EX: BTS Dark & Wild album. Shipped to USA address.

   Album        Cheapest Shipping        Total

Kpoptown              $13.40        $9.90         $23.30

Kpopmart              $14.90        $11.80        $26.70

Yesasia                     $22.99        $5.99          $28.98

Choice Music        $19.99        $4.68           $24.67

Music Plaza           $19.99        $4.72           $24.71

Dear Unnie | March 2016

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Dear Unnie,

My friend is trying to get me into BTS but I’m a loyal Big Bang stan so I would feel bad if I were to stan them as well. Is this normal? Is it okay to be multifandom?


Yes! It is completely okay to be multifandom! Unnie cannot even begin to tell you how many groups she has fallen in love with. There are so many incredibly talented artists that it’s hard not to fall for many of them… At the same time.

It is also normal to feel some sort of guilt for loving another group as much (if not more than) your current bias group. In fact, Unnie has experienced the exact same thing with the same groups mentioned in your question. Just know that it is acceptable to love more than one group, and you are in no way betraying or replacing your current favorite group. You’re just making room in your heart for others.