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Adventure time with DKI: KCON Food Segment

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Adventure time with DKI: KCON Food Segment

Written by Ji | 02 September


KCON LA is one of my favorite events to attend every year.  Since the event is so close by, I buy tickets yearly, no matter what groups will attend.  But I am never disappointed by the artist line up and this year was lit. Besides the awesome concert, one of my favorite things to do at KCON is check out all the food booths inside and outside the venue.  Sadly, this year, I couldn’t fully explore the convention floor but I was able to snag a few treats along the way.

When I arrived to KCON, I was slightly hungry and headed towards the two booths who are known to have delicious snacks.  TOUS les JOURS is one of my favorite bakeries, so I knew before I even arrived at the convention floor, that this would be one of my first stops.  I was not disappointed to see the vast amount of goodies they had to offer.  They had different types of breads, marbled caked and even had apple pie.  The best part is they aren’t stingy.  And I don’t have to dance, spin a wheel, take a picture or do anything silly for the yummy treat.  You basically just go to the pastry area, and politely take a snack or two.

Adventure time with DKI: KCON Food Segment Adventure time with DKI: KCON Food Segment

If you wanted something warm to eat, Bibigo was right next to them.  They served up kimchi, dumplings and had a variety of sauces for you to try.   Since I arrived late, I wasn’t able to see if they changed their snacks up or if they just served the same dish throughout the event.  Either way, a warm yummy snack always makes my heart and tummy very happy.


Adventure time with DKI: KCON Food Segment

I really wished I had more time to visit Lotte and Snack Fever booths, but time was not on my side.  Next year, I will be more cautious about my schedule, and make sure this is the only event I will attend.  Because every year KCON convention gets bigger and better.  There is always much to see and experience.  Even if you can’t get tickets to the event, the convention is worth a visit.


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Adventure time with DKI: KCON Beauty Segment

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Adventure time with DKI: KCON Beauty Segment

Written by Ji | 01 September


KCON!!!  When I finally arrived to KCON, I quickly glanced and took pictures at every booth there.  My time at the convention was short but I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished.  According to my bank statements, I had a glorious spending spree at KCON.


Adventure time with DKI: KCON Beauty Segment


I know what you’re thinking.  That does not look like a shopping spree.  And for those that did go to KCON, will notice a few things that were given out for free.  I actually bought a lot of the same product.  Like I bought 10 of those cucumber eye patch but to fit all of them in one picture would be difficult.  And if you are wondering why I bought 10 of those, my review on the product will be up within a month.  But you can probably guess why I bought 10.

To simplify things, for this article, I’m going briefly go over some booths.  But honestly, for the rest of this year.  The theme is most likely going to be KCON.  For today’s article, I’m going to go talk about several booths that drew in a crowd at KCON.  KCON convention was divided into different zones.  I will start with the CJ Cultureplex zone.

SEP beauty is Korea’s number 1 sustainable make up brand that will launch on Nordstrom.com this fall.  At least that’s what the host has ingrained into my head while checking out their lipstick and nail polish line.   This booth was one of the best beauty booths at KCON.  The host were funny, got their point across and had a ton of testers out to try out their products.  They even gave out free nail polish with a nail filer.  I won’t give out all the details, but I am in love with the peel off nail polish.  Curious?  You should be.  They had a great market strategy at the event that bought in a mass of people who were curious about their products.

The next booth is Olive Young.  If you missed this booth, you totally missed out.  They were giving out so many types of samples, I just wanted to camp there (in the short time I was at the convention) and take all their goodies.  They gave out nail stickies if you posted a picture of the “one nail” you got done.  I thought that was hilarious.  But in order to save time, they only did one nail (of your choosing) and then they gave you a set of stickies to complete your look.  I have never been a fan on nail stickers, but these were not only super cute but they lasted a lot longer than I thought they would.  They also gave out a tons of different face mask, depending on which brand you posted on your social media.  My favorite part was picking a key and unlocking some goodies.  They had moisturizers, audience passes, face mask, and other skin care products.  I was a little greedy and tried for the passes but failed to win.  But they gave me more face masks just for trying.

Adventure time with DKI: KCON Beauty Segment

The next zone I will discuss is the Sponsor Zone.  In this zone, there was only one beauty booth.  But this booth constantly had a line.  But that line was completely worth it.  I believe there were 4-6 different ways to collect skin care goodies from them.   In that tiny booth, you could sign up for info, take picture with Lee Min Ho poster board or on their bench or backdrop.  They had a claw game I really wanted to try, but that line was always so long.  Out of all the booths, I felt rushed trying to get to each station to do my task.  But honestly, if I had more time, I would have done it again.  Because Innisfree has amazing products.

The next zone is the Korea Zone.  I will save this section for beautiFRIDAY, as this is the area that pretty much took all of my money.  But there is one booth I would like to mention.  Only because they didn’t sell any products, but if you posted on Instagram a picture of their product, they gave you a full-size product of your choice.

Adventure time with DKI: KCON Beauty Segment

I was allowed to do this twice and received a contour compact and a lipstick.

The last and final zone is the Beauty Block!!! Like the previous year, this area is made to sample and test out new products.  I am really happy with the way KCON had the booths arranged this year.  This area was more open than the previous year, making it easier to check out what each booth had to offer.  Like with the other zones, I will briefly pick out a couple of booths and on beautFRIDAYs, I will go over each booth in more detail.  It was really hard to pick out only a few booths because this area was amazing.

Adventure time with DKI: KCON Beauty Segment

I got my nails done at imPress booth, got my eyelashes done at the KISS both, and picked up some amazing products from all the other Beauty Block booths.  The imPress Booth had a good selection of press on nails you can try.  They even did your nails for you.  And it comes with 30 nails, so that means you got to take home the left overs.  I have tried press on nails before, and they don’t really last.  These ones lasted much longer and I was impressed with the quality and look of the product.  If I was pressed on time, and wanted my nails to look gorgeous.  I would use this product.  To top it off, I went to the MOYOU nail booth, and added more emblisments with their stencils.  They have an impressive selection that added a little flair to my already beautiful nails.  Next, I visited the KISS booth.  I love KISS eyelashes.

Adventure time with DKI: KCON Beauty Segment

I use them frequently.  They are easily accessible at my local stores, and their cost is very affordable.  Having them done by a professional was definitely a highlight.  I had so much fun picking out the perfect eyelashes for the concert.

And I wanted to give a shout out to My Beauty Diary booth, they had a great selection of beauty mask. Which by the way, if you spent $20, you got a free cute storage box.  I got two.

Adventure time with DKI: KCON Beauty Segment

Another booth I wanted to mention was Feather and Bone.  They are not a Korean brand, but her little booth was super cute.  I have yet to try the product out, but her skin looked amazing.  So of course, I had to buy it.


I really wish I could have spent more time at each both and really get a feel for what each one had to offer and what makes them stand out.  Hopefully next year I will be able to spend more time and money buying all things related to Korean skincare.


DKI Does KCON: Playlist

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KCON LA 2016 Playlist

Created by Penny Everett

1. Monsta X- All In

2. Gfriend- Navillera

3. SHINee- Lucifer

4. I.O.I- Pick Me

5. ASTRO- Hide & Seek

6. TWICE- Touchdown

7. BTS- Fire


9. Block B- Toy

10. Dean- Pour Up

11. TTS- Hollar

12. Eric Nam- Can’t Help Myself


KCON: Survival Guide

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With the midst of summer fastly approaching, k-pop fans are more than anxious for all of the shows and endless comebacks popping up week after week. Perhaps one of the biggest k-pop concerts to hit the U.S. is none other than KCON! You can catch the concert/convention in both L.A. (July 29-31) and N.Y. (June 24-25). KCON is an experience unlike any other where k-pop fans get to meet and greet their favorite idols, see them perform in concert, and enjoy a convention dedicated to all things that make Korean culture wonderful. From beauty products to food, the convention brings a piece of Korea to America! Down below are some helpful tips from a veteran KCON attendee (yours truly) to ensure your time at KCON is nothing short of amazing~!



1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes- You will, I repeat, you WILL be walking or running EVERYWHERE. Your feet will have a lot of ground to cover.

2. Drink water! No matter if you are indoors or outdoors, it is important to stay hydrated, even if you do not think you are thirsty, DRINK WATER!

3. EAT! It is easy to forget to eat while you are at the KCON, but remember to keep your body nourished while
you run around and have a great time!

4. Drink orange juice, Emergen-C, or eat anything with vitamin C to boost your immune system- You will be surrounded by A LOT of people. I ended up getting really sick after KCON, so make sure to keep your body healthy and your immune system up!

5. Bring hand sanitizer! As I have said above, you will be around a lot of people- CLEAN HANDS ARE HAPPY HANDS.

6. Bring cough drops- If you are a screamer or talker like I am, these will be very helpful to keep your throat from being scratchy and sore!

7. Bring a portable charger! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Your phone WILL DIE and there might not be a wall plug available to charge your phone. I suggest getting a phone case that also charges your phone! It is very convenient and not bulky! You can purchase them on amazon for a reasonable price!

8. Bring cash!!! This is another point I want to stress! Some booths will take cards, but not all of them, so make sure you have cash on you!

9. Bring a small backpack to put all of your necessities in! It is easy and convenient to carry around!

10. Use COLORFUL ribbon to tie on your backpack- This worked out nicely last year with my friends and I when we lost each other.

11. Bring sunscreen! For both N.Y. and L.A. you will be in the sun! If you plan on doing meet and greets (for L.A. goers) you will be lined up OUTSIDE to go into the meet and greet and there is LIMITED SHADE!

12. Keep updated on KCONUSAs twitter and check with staff about meet and greet times! Last year I missed the opportunity to meet Zion T. & Crush because the meeting changed times the day of and I did not know about it- so make sure you know all of the times the day of!

13. If you do not like the meet and greet you get, you can usually find someone to trade with! Usually people will meet right outside of the pickup spot for your tickets! I was able to trade my meet and greet last year for a group I really wanted to see and it worked out very nicely!

14. Bring deodorant and perfume (a small plastic bottle is perfect)- You will sweat from running around and being outside, and it doesn’t hurt to smell extra nice when you meet your favorite idols!

15. Bring gum! If you like to chew gum, I suggest bringing some especially if you get nervous meeting idols! It will calm your nerves and freshen your breath all at the same time!

16. Wait to get all of your merch towards the end of the day or on the first day of KCON! It is a huge hassle to carry everything around. Your arms will thank you!

17. DO NOT buy posters the day of the concerts- It is easy to forget that you have them and they will get crinkled! Try getting all easily damaged merch the first day of KCON (the day the convention opens but not the concerts).

18. Make sure to check all of the booths out! They give a lot of free stuff and have raffles!

19. Keep your eyes PEELED for activities in the convention! (Idols will make appearances in the convention for various events or even just to talk around!)

20. Last but not least, BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS. 9 times out of 10, if you are nice to someone they will
be nice right back. Let’s all have a happy and safe time at KCON!