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October 2016

Snack Sunday: Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee

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Snack Sunday:  Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee

Written by Ji | 30 October 2016


Waking up to the sound of light rain on a Sunday morning has always given me a sense of peaceful serenity.  The only thing that could make this beautiful Sunday morning even better would be a nice cup of coffee.  Today’s “snack” was something I wanted to try since I started watching Shopping King Louie.  After all, anything the “Shopping King” recommends is something worth trying.


Maxim Mocha Gold is a mild instant coffee mix. The packaging is easy to rip open and inside each packet contains mocha coffee, sugar, and powered creamer.  There are instructions on the packets to let you know how to adjust the sugar to your desired taste.  I like my coffee sweet, milky and normally blended with ice.  For today’s snack adventure, I will only be adding water.


I excitedly tore open the packet and poured the contents into my cup and added 6 ounces of hot water over it.  While I stirred the contents, I put on the latest episode of Shopping King Louie and toasted Louie (played by Seo In-guk) for his recommendation.  As I took a sip, I paused the show and felt a bit confused.  I was disappointed, my coffee tasted like water with a hint of coffee.  I dumped the remaining watered down coffee into the sink and felt a bit sad that the “Shopping King” recommend such a bland coffee.  But I decided to give it another go.  After all, not all first impressions go well.


For my second attempt, I poured a bit of water first, added my packet, stirred and then added the remaining water to the cup (this time I added slightly less than 6 ounces).  The taste improved but still tasted like watered down coffee.  I must be doing something wrong.  So again, I threw away the remaining coffee and decided to look up the proper way to make Maxim Mocha Gold coffee.  After all, this brand comes highly recommend, not just from the “Shopping King” but also from online reviews.


For my third attempt, I decided to follow the recommendations I read online for a stronger coffee.  I poured 4 ounces of hot water into my cup and ripped opened 2 packets of Maxim Mocha Gold, stirred and then added 4 more ounces of hot water.  I closed my eyes and was hesitant, but when I finally took a sip, a smile started to appear on my face. This was good.  The coffee was a bit strong for my liking, but adding only 1.5 packets would be difficult.  By adding an extra packet and less water, my coffee was now smoother, sweeter with a slight mocha taste.  I took a few more sips of my coffee, and was pleasantly surprised by the joyous outcome.  I finally made a decent cup of instant coffee.    It took about 30 minutes and some research, but I finally did it.   I made an executive decision to add a bit of milk to my Maxim Mocha Gold coffee, even though I said I wouldn’t.  But I’m glad I did, it made the coffee more suitable to my taste.



Would I buy this product again?

Unsure.  Maxim Mocha Gold coffee is a good choice when you are on the go or in a pinch.  It’s quick and easy to prepare…but it’s simply good not great.  I had to tweak it a bit to find my desired flavor.  After finding the perfection combination (for me) through trial and error, I was able to finally enjoy my coffee.  But by adding a few extra steps, this coffee was no longer a convenient simple add water and go instant coffee product.  In the end, Maxim Mocha Gold was just not my style but it has the potential to be.

Snack Sunday: Bibigo Seaweed Crisps

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Snack Sunday:  Bibigo Seaweed Crisps

Written by Ji | 23 October 2016

bibigoseaweedcrispsSundays are normally a day to relax, catch up on dramas, play video games, to eat, to basically have some “me” time.  Today is not that day.  Today, my family called me early in the morning (early as in before 9 a.m.) to catch Pokémon.  I rolled out of my bed, washed my face, tied up my hair and proceeded to the kitchen.  Pokémon hunting with my family is no joke.  A bag full of snacks and water is a necessity. Since I will be gone for most of the day, I needed a snack that was convenient, light, and delicious.   For today’s Pokémon adventure, I brought all three flavors of Bibigo Seaweed Crisps to test out.   The flavors are Honey and Corn, Original, and BBQ.

bibigoseaweedcrisps2As we got to our location, I put down a blanket and decided to try the original flavor Bibigo Seaweed Crisps first.  Upon opening the bag, I was hit with an aroma of roasted seaweed.  The smell was delightful and made me even hungrier.  I took my first bite.  I was surprised by the texture and taste; it was fresh and crisp.  It tasted like brown rice with seaweed and a dash of sesame oil.  This light flavored snack was quite enjoyable.


A couple hours later and a missed opportunity for a Snorlax, I decided to eat away at my sadness and try the Honey and Corn flavor crisps. I ripped opened the bag, and smiled.  This one smelled sweet.  For some reason, it reminded me of Goldfish cupcakes.  I popped one into my mouth and was surprised by the lack of sweetness.  The unique flavor had a bold punch in the beginning but the taste gradually goes to a lighter smokier taste.  Unlike the original, this one had a slight aftertaste.


A few more hours past and I am down to my last bag.  I opened the BBQ flavored crisps and was instantly giddy.  The smell of roasted BBQ filled the air and with CROSS GENE ”누나 너 말야 (Noona, You)” playing in the background… I was in heaven.  The bold and slightly tangy taste of the crisps tasted very similar to BBQ chips.  This was by far my favorite of the three.


Would I buy this product again?

Yes, I would.  Especially the BBQ.  The thin square crisps are amazingly delicious and addictive.  They are pretty much heaven in a package.  They fit perfectly in my bag, which makes them very convenient.