beautiFRIDAY: Olive Young’s The R U REAL Poppy?

beautiFRIDAY: Olive Young: The R U REAL Poppy?

Written by Ji | 29 December 2017

beautiFRIDAY: Olive Young: The R U REAL Poppy?

Now that Christmas is over, I needed some me time and do a little selfcare.  I’ve been lacking on my skincare routine due to my schedule but now that the rush is over, I’m going to do a mini at home spa treatment.  After prepping my face, I tore open a face mask and enjoyed a nice quiet 20 minute break.  On today’s BeautiFRIDAY adventure, I tried out Olive Young’s The R U REAL Poppy?

According to the back of the product, this will moisturize and brighten my face.  The mask has a nice light floral scent and a decent amount of serum in the packet.  The mask itself is comical.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw what I looked like.  I wouldn’t say I looked like Poppy but you know that’s the look it was going for.  I got to “wear” her floral crown and have similar facial features as the loveable troll character.  After 20 minutes, I took off the mask and patted the extra serum onto my face and use all the left-over serum on my arms and legs.  As I have said before, after most face mask, my face had a nice glow that lasted a few hours after I took off the product.


Would I buy this again?

Probably not.  Why?  The product is a good face mask that did the job, but unless it was on sale, mask with animal or movie prints are just not my thing.  I guess I do get embarrassed occasionally.  Which I know is weird to hear from a girl who wears a face mask in public but these masks will only be worn at home, when no one is there.

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