beautiFRIDAY: Olive Young’s The R U Real Branch?

beautiFRIDAY: The R U Real Branch?

Written by Ji | 12 January 2018

beautiFRIDAY: Olive Young’s The R U Real Branch?

On the last beautiFRIDAY article, I reviewed Olive Young’s The R U Real Poppy face mask.  On this week’s beautiFRIDAY adventure, I tried out The R U Real Branch? face mask from Olive Young.  I wanted to review these masks back to back since they both are from the adorable movie “Trolls”.  These masks are pretty much identical in texture, had the same amount of serum and had that creepy but semi cute troll face pattern.

The Branch mask is made to help reduce wrinkles, which we all know, is my favorite type of mask.  I didn’t expect much from this mask, considering I felt like this was more for fun and amusement and to possibly scare other people with your new troll face.  But I was impressed with the results.  As always, most facemask leave behind that “facemask glow” but I did notice an improvement to my pores.  The mask was lightly scented, but for some reason, I couldn’t figure out the scent.  But it was nice and refreshing.


Would I buy this again?

Yes!  I know, you are probably as shocked as I am.  While I do have mask that help my pores, I was intrigued with the results this mask produce.  So much so, I think I’m going to buy a few and see how well it helps with reducing wrinkles.  Of course, this will take a few months to figure out, but when I figure out the results, I will update you.


Have you tried this mask?  Which Olive Young Troll mask was your favorite?