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KMUSIC: January Spotlight

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KMUSIC: January Spotlight

Written by Ji | 30 January 2018


The January comeback songs were full of longing, soul and heartbreak. I must admit, listening to them made my heart ache a bit but luckily there were some songs that lifted my spirit. Here are a list of comebacks that made my list for January KMUSIC Spotlight.

The first group on my list is Block B with their single, “Don’t Leave”. I love when Block B comes out with ballads. They are able to express such emotional words so perfectly with their vocals. The mix of their voices plus their beautifully done music video sets them apart from the rest of the contenders this month.

The next group is Mamamoo with their single, “Paint Me”. Mamamoo usually comes out with the same type of music, but this one had a different type of vibe. It was a different type of powerful and soulful that we normally hear from them. This song was strong and full symbolism. Each color represented a new emotion, a feeling, an expression. It was a simple but well done video that made a big impact on me.

I have listed two music videos for N. Flying, “Hot Potato”. This song brought me back to a happy state, especially their dance video. I am solely putting this on the list, because this song is awesome. Seriously, watch it. You welcome.

And lastly, Jonghyun “ Shinin”. I know, this is completely bias. He is after all my favorite in SHINEE. I always loved his voice and his ability to make music that speaks to me. (May he his soul rest in peace).

This month, like the past few month was filled with amazing comebacks from so many people groups. Here are some honorable mentions that I need to be mentioned.

Red Velvet “Bad Boy”. After watching countless videos of heartbreak and regret, this song had a different vibe of seduction and want. The beat caught my attention and the catchy chorus was stuck in my head for a few hours.

The next honorable mention goes to INFINITE, “Tell me”. By the time I got to the chorus I was hooked. INFINITE did not disappoint with their new song and their impressive dance moves.

I honestly wish I could add at least 10 more songs to this list. From Sunmi, Oh My Girl, iKON, 5TION, Kim Kyu Jong of SS501, Suzy, and many others. There were so many strong comebacks, it was hard to choose. Especially since so many of them are on my list of groups that I love to watch and listen too.

Did your favorite January comeback make the list? Let us know which groups made the spotlight for you!

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KMUSIC: December Spotlight

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KMusic: December Spotlight

Written by Ji | 30 December 2017


I can’t believe another month has come and gone and that we were blessed with new music and comebacks from such amazing groups.  This month was filled with holiday music and the perfect soothing tunes for the colder weather.  Here are my December KMusic Spotlight (I took the liberty to add a few holiday songs.  After all, what’s December without some holiday cheer).

My first holiday song spotlight goes to Twice – “Merry & Happy”.


I love traditional holiday music.  It makes me happy and my mood always brightens whenever I hear upbeat music.  This song fits that category.  It has an up-tempo beat filled with catchy lyrics mixed with their cherry persona, makes one heck of track.

My next holiday song spotlight goes to Starship- “Christmas Day.”

In my opinion Starship always come out with happy holiday music.  This song has a nice warm beat to keep you smiling through the cold winter season.

December isn’t just about festive holiday music, we also had some great comebacks from Rain, Zion.T, Day 6 and many others.


The first December comeback spotlight goes to XAVII – “Come & Go.”


While I was trying to relax and enjoy some quiet time, I had this song on repeat.  It’s soothing, soulful and his flow is on point.


My next December comeback spotlight goes to Twice-  “Heart Shaker”

I know, they were added “twice”, but I really liked this song.  After listening and watching all the comebacks, I was getting emotional from all the sad winter songs and this song just lifted up my spirits.


My last song is EXO- “Universe”.

It’s a nice soft ballad with a beautiful piano medley.  The song goes straight for the heart with it’s both touching and sad lyrics.


Honorable Mentions

Day 6- “I like you”


I think this is one of the best Day 6 songs.  I love vibe, the music arrangement and the lyrics.  I would of made this song a spotlight, but since they have been releasing songs every month, I decided to add them to this section.


YongJin Kim(김용진) – “Alt+F4” (With 정동수(ARKAY))


This song just needs to be heard.  The music video wasn’t filled with anything special but the song itself stands on its own.  It’s not a slow winter tune but has a nice mellow fun beat.


BUMZU –“ I’m Good”(아무렇지 않아) (Feat. Sik-K)


I’m really feeling this song at the moment.  I’m not going through a break up, but the song has a nice smooth beat that make everything feel like it’s going to be ok.  You can’t help but bob your head to the amazing beat


Did your favorite December comeback make the list?  Let us know which groups made the spotlight for you!


Special note from me:

Ummm, don’t hate me but I had too… only because I’m a little, slightly bias.  Here is the SM Station release of a group you may have heard of.  I’m sorry, I just had to add them.  But it’s on the very bottom and technically not on the list, but I can’t help it.  Not only was I loving the funny yet simple music video, I was also dancing their very simple dance.  Do I even have to say their name?


You’re welcome!