Got7: Flight Log Giveaway

Contest ends 24 May 2016 at 11:59PM EST


got7: Flight Log GiveawayThree Winners will be randomly chosen.
2 (two) winners will win dki’s Got7 concert shirts
1 (one) winner will win 1 (one) Flight Log: Departure album

Up to 3 (three) entries for donating (1 entry for $10, 2 entries for $20 and 3 entries for $30 and up)

1 (one) for liking the page
1 (one) for sharing publicly ad on fb, tag dki
1 (one) for sharing ad publicly on insta, tag dki
1 (one) for sharing ad publicly on twitter, tag dki

Got7 entries?

Please, send screenshots of your entries (or donation thank you pages) to along with your name. Good luck, Kpop family!

US only.