Snack Sunday: Lotte Yo Hi Greek Yogurt Waffle (Wafer)

Snack Sunday: Lotte Yo Hi Greek Yogurt Waffle (Wafer)

Written by Ji | 24 December 2017

Snack Sunday: Lotte Yo Hi Greek Yogurt Waffle (Wafer)

I came home one day to find a gray package at my doorstep.  I had to think for a moment, if I was expecting anything today.  I looked closer at the packaging and saw that it was from Korea.  I was immediately excited thinking that this was skincare products I had ordered a few weeks ago but that thought was quickly dismissed when I read the label.  Snacks?  I went inside, and opened the unknown packaged and was surprised to see a SnackFever box.  I had to ponder for a moment if I subscribed and forgot.  Then I remembered a certain someone asking for my address from Dreamkatchers Initiative.  I sent her a message, and with a prompt response, I was able to figure out the mystery.  Thank you Dee for the lovely surprise. I tried very hard to wait till Christmas to open it, but thought, hey it’s Snack Sunday, I should totally try a snack from the box.

I randomly picked a snack and laughed at what I choose.  On the last Snack Sunday article, I did a wafer and this week, I will be trying out another wafer but from a different brand.  On today’s Snack Sunday adventure, I tried out Lotte Yo Hi Wafer.  The product is in simple plastic package, but it had one of their new spokesperson on it.  Do I even have to mention who?  I was lucky enough to get Wanna One Bae Jinyoung.

As I tore open the wafer packaging, the scent of the snack smelled amazing.  It smelt like fresh, just baked wafers.  I took my first bite and was impressed with the rich and fresh flavor.  Even with the simple packaging, the wafer was (again) fresh.  I have tried quite a few snacks and sometimes the product taste flat and stale.  The wafer had a nice thin but yummy Greek yogurt filling.  I loved the ratio between wafer and yogurt.


Would I buy this again?

Yes, I would.  I don’t know what do to do.  I love Lotte’s Yo Hi wafer, but I also loved the last one I tried.  Maybe I should stock up on both and rotate or maybe I should try both at the same time to see which one will win.  Either way, Lotte’s fresh tasting Greek yogurt waffle wafer was a delicious treat that had my taste buds singing their praises.

What was your favorite snack from the November Snack Fever box?

Lotte Yo Hi Greek Yogurt Waffle Wafer