Snack Sunday: Wang Korea’s Korean Barley Cracker

Snack Sunday: Wang Korea’s Korean Barley Cracker

Written by Ji | 04 February 2018


On today’s Snack Sunday adventure, I tried out Wang Korea’s Korean Barley Cracker (also known as hardtack).  I’m feeling a bit under the weather, and these crackers were the only thing I could keep down.  But if we are being honest, hardtack is one of my favorite snacks.  Why? I’m not sure, it’s simple to make and doesn’t have a ton of flavor but they are filling and addicting to eat.
These hardtacks hit the spot perfectly.  It had that simple hardtack taste with a light barley flavor.  It had a medium crunch and was easy to chew.  Any snack that doesn’t leave a lingering aftertaste earns extra points in my book.
Would I buy these again?
Yes, I would.  But I would like to try the other brands out there too.  You can’t really mess up hardtack, unless you really try.  But I am curious how other brands might be different from this one.