Snack Sunday: Orion Choco Pie Green Tea Matcha Latte

Snack Sunday: Orion Choco Pie Green Tea Matcha Latte

Written by Dee | 21 January 2018

Snack Sunday: Orion Choco Pie Green Tea Matcha Latte

For today’s Snack Sunday  adventure, I tried out Orion Choco Pie Green Tea Matcha Latte flavor. These were an unexpected second present from my Reddit Secret Santa. Apparently, the USPS had delivered originally to the wrong address and a kind person returned them to the post office so they arrived after Christmas for me.  They come 12 Choco Pies individually wrapped in a box with love. 

The flavor of these Choco pies is actually matcha latte, so it a milky matcha green tea flavor. The chocolate was good. The green tea cake inside was fresh and had a mild green tea flavor, it could have been stronger. Overall, it worked quite well together to where it isn’t as sweet as the original Choco Pie.

Bonus: If you microwave the  Green Tea Choco Pie for 10-20 seconds, it turns into a lovely Matcha flavored s’mores.


Would I buy this again?

Yes, I would. I generally find the original Choco Pies too sweet, while the the matcha flavor isn’t all that strong in this one it does counter balance the chocolate and marshmallow enough for me actual enjoy eating this.