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K-Confessions ~ Week 5 March 2016

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I tell people my ultimate bias is Taeyang of Big Bang out of loyalty, but I actually started to like the members of BTS more than Taeyang. I feel so guilty!
 Since I work during the week, I like to put off doing my chores until the weekend, but 99% of the time I just end up watching kdramas all day.. I tell myself I’ll be more productive the next weekend, but I end up doing the same thing all over again. I am truly a kdrama addict.

K-Confessions ~ Week 4 March 2016

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I’m addicted to kpop related gifs. My friend & I sometimes have whole conversations with just kpop gifs.


I’m completely whipped over Brian Kang from day6. Sometimes I watch his old videos with Terry and tear up when I see him. I’ve never actually cried because of someone’s beauty until I discovered Brian. I can’t watch day6 without getting emotional over him, and I embarrass myself with my own admiration.